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terça-feira, 29 de março de 2011


The week was starting while Sunday  was ending through the  sunset, the moon  let  me see it was already for over  twenty   o´clock. as it was summer; we  had  privilege to  delight with a light Marine breeze across the ways  and streets, and it got  into  through the gate touching  my  face  sweetly and our son  we  are keeping  in  a deep sleep and the  door of the livingroom   was half open-half closed All   of a  sudden  I’ve seen something passing and  It  was  very  fast. It   looked   like   the   wind. That  passed  very next  to  me  and  to my  child’s  mother.
She  distressed  asked  me  if  I  had  seen  what  had   passed.  I   told   her   without   hesitating
            “It was a cat”.
            In my soul, this answer came of my intuition.
I   asked   me   to myself   this answer.
Yrla   , on the other hand, decided   to clear up our   doubt   and   before She get to the door, She saw into our home, in   piazza, a man.
“ My  god , a man!”                                                   
Yrla got desperate.
I figured out. if  that  was  a  man . it  was  odd  very much.
because in spite of he’s a two-legged creature. he’s walking with four legs on the ground. he’s walking very next the wall and  looked like a  real  animal  and  he  made me  remember Manoel  Bandeira. he was really going toward rubbish brass in the back yard.
It was unbelievable when that little man invaded our hospitality.
Even with tall walls and closed gates he was able.
And I meditated without talking anything:”
“A  hungerer  person never beg to come in.”
Let me tell you reader woman, that animal got small. so small getting  the least  in height. I  mean, It  had  eliminated  itself all but  utterly, only can pass over the meanest  space between  our iron  gate and  the ground. It had passed easily and  wisely like a  thief  and  hungry animal.
It was endlessly hunger.
It was very thin and it would die about that.
I was lying down and I went on this way. I was playing with our child. and at the same time I  considered…
The hunger makes blind.
Yrla was desperate and frightened calling me asking to me catch the man who coming already been banished by someone else. the man  was already in the rubbish brass and made himself owner of  the first rubbish. due to the hunger that  corroded his stomach.
He made the garbage to be only his.
The owner of  the garbage’s brass were born a real crusher, who to feed himself would had to search for his prey. He, therefore, had own features of a cannibal. in essence of his kind. however, He had developed  too much, to refuse his natural nourishment to feed of leftovers now. in deposit of remains, by night.                                           
Without satisfation, with  the invader next  the super thin foreigner. the owner of the trash would  have to defend  himself  really using teeth and nails. because that was his territory, where were his provisions from everyday, his existence.
When the invader wasn’t waiting, the other man jumped off  the wall. and as clever as a  cat astonished the careless and  hungry visitor and he made him come back to his original place. the street.
And one more time, the man had to shrink with his very empty belly. and he had  to pass by tight  space of  the gate again. this time sad and utterly disappointed by lacking food.
And I was in my trap playing and I thought…
 “Rubbish also means food.”
 When the poor man came back, he passed as fast as the visage that had passed  before. however this time crying out stridulously and hopelessly making any human being to feel a lot of pitty even Yrla and I. Yrla was at the door waiting for me to banish the invader.
I didn’t move a finger to go out from I was, and still in trap when I saw the poor man pass running nearly crying. He was been taken by the owner of the rubbish who was his provisions’ brother too. in particular I had gotten very happy ´cause I didn’t go out off my trap to catch that poor man. but what drove me plot was I have seen fast a tail on each of the men. long tails.
It was that the only thing I could see about those small and odd men.  
“But that how much indifference!”
Said Yrla turned to me smiling and I was in a doubt.

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